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Monday, 4 December 2017

If you study these courses you'll work anywhere

If you are not considering one of the popular courses in higher institutions, you can study these course and be happy with yourself.


A few days ago we reminded you of the five courses your parents would have wanted you to study if you had gained admission in the 80s.

These courses are still relevant today only that they limit what you can do to that field only. For instance, if you are a doctor by discipline, you'll probably not like to work as a writer because your seven years in the University is all about medicine.

Although, there are medical practitioners who are great writers, but like you read, they are medical practitioner.

  Crowded lecture room 

Same applies to Engineering graduates, the chances of these people working in other environments not related to their discipline is slimmer than your iPhone 8.

However, there are other courses that not only train you to become a professional in your field but also prepare you to be useful in other discipline you find yourself.

So, if you are not considering one of the popular courses in higher institutions, you can study these course and be happy with yourself.


Studying Economics exposes undergraduates to other disciplines such as Accounting, Business Administration, Management and Finance. This affords them the opportunity to work in any financial or Management establishments

                              Young Nigerian Economist

Mass Communication:

Communication is one course that grooms you to work anywhere and still gives you a satisfying experience wherever you find yourself.

As a communication graduate, you can decide to switch lines and do MBA in other disciplines like Marketing which also requires some degree of communication.

                If you study this course you can work anywhere !!!!

And if you choose to go into Management, Business or even teaching your communication knowledge and skills will help you communicate your way to success.


This is the discipline that teaches you the marketing sides of everything. A discipline like this would get you a corporate job anywhere because every business needs Marketing to survive.

Big, medium and small companies need Marketing which is now largely digital to be in the faces and minds of the people. Even Charity organizations need to be marketed.

Theatre Art:

If anything, studying Theatre Arts will help to build communication skills and confidence level that can make you excel in any industry.

                       Theatre art students performing


The good thing about Accountancy is that like Marketing, you can work as an accountant anywhere.

Nigerian Accountants.

 Since all firms have accounting departments, your dexterity as a Marketing graduate will be an asset to business establishments.

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