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Monday, 25 September 2017

Tame Me Now, Or I Tame You Later

Tame Me Now, Or I Tame You Later
Biblical Steps On Controlling Anger
By Okeke Joshua

Anger according to the English dictionary means a strong feeling of displeasure, hostility nor antagonism toward someone or something, usually combined with an urge to harm. 

The English dictionary explains anger well. Anger is a natural thing and everyone gets angry. The bible says in Ephesians 4:26a " In your anger, do not sin", meaning that God knows that anger is in the human nature. 

The passage went on saying that "do not sin" meaning that anger can be abnormal when you allows it to control you to sining. 

That is what makes anger simply unhealthy. Allowing this anger to control us ends us doing unrighteous things which are against God's desire(James 1:20).

Anger is fully capable of destroying our relationship with God and other people around us(2 kings17:18). God decided to remove the people of isreal from his presence and leaving only the people of judah. 

An hot tempered person who lacks the ability to control himself end up making things worse than before and ends up regretting it. Lets look at this few steps on how to tame anger.

God's Help:- The position of God can not be over emphasize on this matter. An hot tempered person needs the help of God to be able be able to tame anger. Remember that by strength shall no man prevail. There is always limit to the ability of man. 

When we let God know that we are done with letting anger control at that point of releasing all to him, he give us grace to overcome it.

Control your words:- The words we speak after being provoked goes along way in telling the next line of action that will take place. The bible says that a gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger(proverbs 15:1). The words we speak matter a lot.

Act wisely and maturely:- There are times one would just have to remain silent. Some do believe that being silent is an act of being foolish which is not. It is rather in that situation a sign that you have wisdom and you are matured. 

The ability to look over some certain issues and not making issues from it shows that you are wiser and it add great honour to you( proverbs 19:11).

Break the Association:- Breaking of friendship with hot tempered person will also help. Also getting rid of things that propels anger such as malice and the likes (colossians 3:8). When all this are far from your dwelling it makes controlling anger easier.

Patience:- The little patience you exercise to think of your next word would greatly help in controlling anger. The ability to think of the next person reaction matter alot. We are being asked to treat others the way we want to be treated( luke 6:31). Bearing this in mind will help us express our anger in the right manner.

Be Angry:- I know that this may sound somehow but it is the truth. There are times you need to be angry and there are times you need not to. The way you express your angry is what matter alot. The bible says "be angry and yet do not sin" .

In conclusion, all this steps can only be fully achieved under the grace of God. Like the chrous of an hymn says " Ask the saviour to help you, comfort strengthen and keep you, he is willing to aid you, he will carry you through" It is only God that bring Deliverance.

God bless You

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