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Sunday, 3 September 2017

I Took A Break From Nollywood Because My Relationship Was Suffering- Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal is an actress many thought would become a big superstar in the movie world, but today, she has stepped back a little from acting even though she continues to be a popular face in the industry. One cannot also miss her most prized assets, which she flaunts as much as she can. In this interview with our Reporter, she speaks about her dwindling movie career, her new exploits and of course, her ‘assets’.

You have not been too active on screen, why is this so?

Right now, I am taking time off to work on myself. I am working more on business ventures and spending more time with my family.

Was your relationship suffering, hence this decision?

Yes, my relationship with myself is suffering. So, I need time to work on me, Moyo Lawal. At this point of my life, this is just what I want to do.

Earlier, you talked about working on business ventures; do you want to share more on this?

The business venture is not something for the public. It is something for myself. I think my personal life is not something I need to take to the public, if it is something I should take to the public then I will do it.

Every actress has a strong point in their career, what has yours been?

I think mine is the fact that I have tried to remain relevant right from the beginning of my career when I knew absolutely nothing till now. It’s just been the grace of God. The fact that I have remained relevant from the beginning of my career till now has been my strongest point in the industry. But the truth is that it’s been God and nothing else because there are just so many things I can’t explain. It’s been God and nobody else.

You have added a lot of weight, why is this?

I have just added more weight. It’s fat and nothing else. It is just weight.

What’s the cause of this newfound weight?

It’s age. I am getting older, so basically I am adding weight. Everything is the grace of God. God has a way of making things turn around to work in your own favour.

A lot of actresses are either slimming down or adding weight because that is what their current boyfriend wants, is that the case here?

No. I have always had people come to me for me. People who come to me like the way I am. I have never had to become lighter, darker, skinnier, no. I have never had to do that.

Are you comfortable like this?

At this point of my life, I am so comfortable with myself. I am confident with being Moyo Lawal. I don’t know what anybody can do to me. I am in a very comfortable place; I am comfortable with making mistakes. I am very comfortable with whatever life brings to me right now. So, whatever mistake I make; adding weight or my stomach is bulging, it’s all part of the journey. Tomorrow, my stomach will be flat. Anything can happen tomorrow, but I live for today. Not necessarily that I don’t care, but I am comfortable at the moment.

Moyo Lawal has really grown confident, how did you get here?

I grew up in the movie industry. Growing up here, I heard a lot of things like “you are too short. Moyo your eyes are too big. Your bum is too big.” I struggled with a lot of things and I was never really comfortable with who I was. Now, I am getting older and more comfortable in my own skin. When people are talking about me, when they are talking about my body, I tell them it’s nothing. So, I think I have grown into it, I grew into it. The funny thing about it all is that everything they said kind of helped shape me up into who I am today. It also gave me this comfortable aura.

So, it is maturity that has made you confident and not thick skin?

Well, I won’t necessarily say its thick skin. I grew into my own. You know how it is when a child grows in front of a village and everybody is criticising. One day, you will just get tired of everybody criticising you. I am now aware of who I am and I am comfortable with who I am.

Did you ever want to change something about yourself when people were criticising you?

No. In my teenage years, I was a geek; I wore glasses and all those stuffs. So, people criticising my physical outlook was not something I felt that I should change. It was something I needed to deal with.

What is your evaluation of the movie industry?

We are doing well, and gradually things will fall into place.

Do you have plans for marriage anytime soon?

If you grow up like I did with family, you will hear that question often. So, marriage is not something that I have started working on, but I know it is something for the future.

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