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Monday, 28 August 2017

Lies our teachers told us in school

Who would have thought that the 'O' in BODMAS means 'Orders' as against 'Of' that we were taught in school?

BODMAS  (Instagram)

Stumbled on this post earlier today and I couldn't help but share it.

So, everyone of in this part of the world (Africa) were taught that the 'O' in BODMAS denotes 'Of'. Although quite confusing because some of us just couldn't understand how Bracket, Of and Multiplication all applies in one formula especially when they are closely related and yeah, the end result of all three mathematical formulas always resulted in the same thing. In simple words, they all mean the same thing in mathematics.

Anyway, we were taught that 'O' is 'Of', only to find this post that says otherwise and as a result, we demand apologies from our teachers, if this is true.

Apparently, every other thing was correct except the 'Orders' which was misinterpreted for 'Of'.

BODMAS  (Instagram)

So, do they really owe us an apology considering the fact that it was the same thing that they were taught and well, some of us have also passed it to our younger ones and juniors at school? I mean, if we're going to do the apology thing, then it should be like an apology chain or better still, an apology cycle where every one of us gets to apologise to all those we've taught the wrong thing at some point.

But then, on the other hand, I think they do owe us an apology for flogging us for the wrong reason, punishing us and making life a little miserable for some of us that didn't get it right all at once. I mean, they need to apologise, not because they ignorantly taught us the wrong thing (not saying they shouldn't), but because they made us go through a lot of ugly stuff all for nothing, better still, all for their ignorance.

So yeah, we really do deserve an apology and then what?  After all, most of us are literally not using BODMAS in our respective fields of life to succeed. Lol

Education is indeed funny in one way or the other in this part of the world, but then, the good thing is that it's getting better. How do I know this? This just proves it. We now know the correct meaning of 'O' in BODMAS. Isn't that incredible?

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